Autumn Olive Farms Artisan Pork

Heritage Breeds managed with an Artisan's touch

Featuring Patterson's Registered Berkshires™

Our primary pork sales feature true Registered Berkshires. We work with our long time friends and neighbors Bill, John and Crawford Patterson to market their excellent Patterson's Registered Berkshires™. These Registered Berkshires represent high quality genetics which are raised properly and humanely. This includes a healthy diet, plenty of space, sunlight and foraging opportunities. The result is world class artisan pork. Patterson's Registered Berkshires provide excellent growth rates, marbling, flavor and yields for the customer.

The Patterson's Registered Berkshires are not just a finishing operation. They are a complete farm, combining high quality genetics, with an ongoing breeding and management program. In fact, they grow most of their feed. You will find all generations, ages and stages here. The result is Genuine Artisan Berkshire Pork. Chefs and their clients continue to extol the virtues of the Patterson's Registered Berkshire Pork that we provide them. 

The Patterson's have a long history with the Berkshire breed, back to the 1920's in fact and are glad to be raising them once again on their multi generational farm. Their 700 acre farm in the Shenandoah Valley has received numerous awards for environmentally sustainable and innovative farming practices. "We strive to grow the highest quality livestock and crops in a sustainable mix of both old and new farming practices with an emphasis on humane and gentle treatment of our livestock" Bill Patterson 

Our personal connection with the Patterson's and their Berkshires goes back the 1970's. As a child I hand raised several of the Berkshire piglets to maturity. Runts and orphans were my specialty back then! It was in fact a rich part of my childhood and development and one that will always hold a special place for me.

Autumn Olive Farms offers whole and half hogs to fine restaurants and discriminating consumers on a regular basis.  For meat sales Contact Clay Trainum at 540-447-6958 or 

All hogs are handled and processed humanely and either state or federally inspected for retail sale. We only work with abbatoirs that show the same care and integrity that we do.

The farm is now eing operated by B

his wife Alicia, and their two sons John and Tom, as well as Crawford acre farm has received numerous awards for our evironmentally sustainable and innovative farming practices.  We stri

ve to grow the highest quality livestock and crops in a suable mix oboth old and Ossabaw Island Hogs

We breed and produce a limited supply of Ossabaw Island Hogs that live in an outdoor forage environment. Although slow growing, the outdoor finished Ossabaw is loaded with vitamin D, nutrients, fatty acids, omega 3's, unsaturated fat and oleic acid which is predominant in olives. It is said that the Ossabaw fat is so unsaturated it is nearly liquid at room temperature. Topping off the amazing health info is that the foraging Ossabaw meat, cured or fresh is flat out and firmly established in the debate regarding the finest pork to be had on this planet. We market both inspected meat and live animals.

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