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Check out our Autumn Olive Farms Facebook page for the latest news and photos from the farm. You never know where our herd is going to end up next! 


 Boer Bok Goats at Deep Meadows Horse Farm Pasture Restoration Project




Let's go fly a kite....

Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!

From Mary Poppins 1964

Join us this Saturday, October 1st, from 10:00 - 3:00 at Coyner Springs Park in Waynesboro for Waynesboro Parks and Recreation Kite Day. Come watch 100 foot kites take to the sky while enjoying kite decorating, parachute races and old fashion hay rides. New this year we have a ‘Get to Know a Goat’ station provided by Autumn Olive Farms, face painting and a pick-your-own pumpkin patch. In addition, there will be a giant American Flag Ceremony at noon for everyone to participate in and a limited number of free kites will be given away throughout the day. There will be great food for sale, so bring your lawn chairs and plan on spending the day!

Check out our farm blog for scenes from Kite Day! 


We will be setting up an invasive plant management site, so you can see the goats up close and in action.  You will also get to meet Chloe, one of our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs.







Our newest addition to the herd will also be making her "debut."


They're back and even made the news in Roanoke....

When you are headed down the Boulevard at the Frontier Culture Museum and you see the traffic stopped you will know why!  Autumn Olive Farms has 160 of their Boer Bok goats munching away on the invasive plants.  They are enjoying varieties such as Autumn Olive, Black Berry, Vine and Bush Honeysuckle, Crown Vetch and many more!  People love to stop and take pictures and watch them in action.  The Boer Bok goats don't mind giving them a show either! 



This is Elizabeth Harrington and Josh from WDBJ 7 out of Roanoke.  They came on Wednesday to do a news story on our Boer Bok.  You can check it out here by clicking this link "Goats For Hire"  From there you can read the story and click on the video links to the left.  There is even a video "extra" that shows the goats chewing and licking on the camera.  They are just like children teething and chewing on everything in site! Actually, they had not had their minerals that day. 


Piedmont Environmental Councils Spring Meeting...

Clay will be giving an interesting and entertaining workshop on using goats as an environmentally sound method to combat invasive plant species.  Our Boer Bok act as "Biological Control Agents" which represents a viable alternative to the use of herbicides and their effects on streams and watersheds.  While devouring the invasive plants, the goats are building soil with broadly scattered organic pellets and small discharges of urea. This creates a more natural environment for the native grasses and species to regain a foothold on the land.  

This workshop will be on April 30th at the Piedmont Environmental Councils Spring meeting. It will be located at the beautiful Dutchmont Farm in Orange County, Virginia.  You can go to the link above for more information. 

This picture is an example of a pasture restoration job our Boer Bok did last fall.  This pasture was overtaken by Autumn Olive.  The Boer Bok foraged on it for about 60 days and converted the Autumn Olive foliage and berries into a nutrient rich ruminated fertilizer. (Think 9 hour composting machines) This picture was taken in March of this year.  You can clearly see which side the Boer Bok were on. Our electric net fence was dividing this area.  Cows were on the right of the fence.  Compare goats on forage to cows on grass. 


Are Goats a Threat?

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People Who Are Destroying America - Landscaping Goats
Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election March to Keep Fear Alive


Check out this video that was on Colbert Nation.  Clay and I have always talked about our perfect employees.  They love their 24/7 work schedule and ask only for quality food and to have their time in the sun.  They have a great attitude and are good to work with for the most part.  What more could you ask for?  Every now and then they organize and present a unified demand or two but we always work it out.

They don't have it too bad either...  They get to eat a delicious variety of invasive plants anytime and as much as they want .  They work in beautiful places with all of their friends.  They get to take the late fall and winter off.  As a matter of fact, they are all home here at Autumn Olive Farms for the holidays enjoying all you can eat locally grown alfalfa/orchard grass hay.  Can't get a better life for a goat than that!