Heritage Radio Network on Tour

The crew from Heritage Radio Network joined us at the farm for the Fire, Flour, and Fork event and got a short and sweet podcast interview. Clay talks about the origin of the AOF Berkabaw, Ian Boden from The Shack talks about his AOF pork schmaltz bread, and John Kiers from Oxe Eye Vineyard discusses how the Shenandoah Valley is a great region for growing grapes.

You can listen here


"Some Pigs" in Edible Blue Ridge Magazine

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The Notorious Berkabaw    

    We are back for another feature in the Fall edition of Edible Blue Ridge magazine and this time it is the Berkabaws who are getting all the attention.

    Check out the article to find out why we didn't eat pork for over 2 years, what a "Land Tuna" is, and why the best chefs across our region are demanding to bring the fat back!  Link below.

"Some Pigs" in Edible Blue Ridge

Thanks to Steve Russell for writing the article and Paul Whicheloe for the great photos!

Hog Heaven in The Local Palate Magazine

Hog Heaven!    

Thank you to Lynn and Cele Seldon of Seldon Ink who came out to the farm for an afternoon and shared our story in The Local Palate Magazine's August issue that is available now. They did a great job of telling our story of how we got started and the regional scene of culinary leaders we get to work with here in Virginia. The pictures look great in the article thanks to Kieran Wagner behind the camera capturing some great shots here on the farm. 

AOF on Edacious Podcast

Autumn Olive Farms is on a podcast! There have been a ton of interviews and articles over the years but this was our first podcast. A lot of us here utilize podcasts while driving to stay up to date with our interests in this busy world. After touring the farm we sat down with Jenée Libby and had a conversation about the farm, its history, and what we do different here at Autumn Olive Farms. Turns out she grew up spending summers across the river from our farm. Check out the podcast in the player below or on her website.

Edacious Podcast Website

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