Boer Bok™ goat meat is enjoyed around the world, and, raised locally here at Autumn Olive Farms in the Shenandoah Valley.  Our decision to raise and sell these unique Boer Bok goats is our contribution to your health and the health of our community. Our goats are direct descendants of goats bred to meet specific guidelines by Dutch farmers in South Africa in 1959. Boer Bok is one of the most nutritious meats raised locally and it is very easy to incorporate it into your diet.

The Autumn Olive Farms Boer Bok™ is raised foraging primarily on invasive plants and grasses. Most of these plants are deeply rooted and provide a rich and diverse uptake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from their larger root systems. The result is a wonderful meat that is nutrient dense with a wonderful depth of flavor. You have certainly heard the common phrase "you are what you eat," but when you pay attention to their diet and its effect on flavor profile and the nutrition present in the meat you realize then that "you are what you eat eats."

I can only say that goats are a “gateway animal” in that they allow us to enjoy the fruit of the land so nobly, purely and without any pretense. The fact it has been chosen to be served at the James Beard House attests to this fact. I gladly serve Autumn Olive’s Boer Bok because it tastes great, is succulent and I know the animals were raised sustainably and with respect. We live in the mountains, we should eat mountain-raised, pastured livestock and foods. I would heartily recommend the Boer Bok to anyone trying goat for the first time, it is perhaps the best meat for you in the world and requires less time than a conventional steak to prepare.

— Tomas Rahal, MAS Tapas Bar

Benefits of Eating Boer Bok
By adding our local meat to your meals you'll enjoy meat that is delicious, humanely raised, high in protein, and very low in cholesterol and fat.

You'll also directly support cleaner water here in the Valley and in the Chesapeake Bay because our Boer Bok goats provide biological control of invasive Virginia plants. Our Boer Bok primarily forage land that is overrun with nutritious yet damaging invasive plant species. Their foraging reduces the use of conventional chemical herbicides. 

How Does Boer Bok Taste?
Boer Bok meat tastes like young pork tenderloin, veal, or domestic lamb. You can prepare it in a variety of ways: grilled, roasted, braised, barbecued, sauteed or made into your favorite sausage.

Virginia's best chefs prize our Boer Bok because it is unlike typical "goat meat". It was even served at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City.Our Boer Bok has a mild and delicate flavor because of the natural diet and high quality genetics.

 Is Boer Bok Meat Healthy?

 Unlike many, "natural" or "healthy" food products there is no "Flavor Penalty" with the Boer Bok.  "Healthy and delicious? Believe it, just look at the comparison below.   







 Is Boer Bok Meat Popular?

    Yes, at least everywhere the sport of soccer is popular. Goat meat, also called "chevon" or "cabrito", is rapidly growing in popularity in the United States among the health conscious, ethnic groups, and affluent diners. It is particularly enjoyed by those who want to eat a healthy and ethically produced product. Everyone enjoys the health benefits, great taste, and the way our Boer Bok is raised.


What Makes our Boer Bok Special?

     Autumn Olive Farms' Boer Bok breed is distinctive for several reasons. First, the Boer Bok breed is highly desirable for the rich flavor, mass, and smooth texture of the meat. Secondly, our animals graze on highly quality, diverse forage. This boosts the amount of nutrition offered by the meat. Thirdly, we don't use chemicals to augment our meat's quality or taste.

As a result you get delicious, local meat you can trust is healthy and can be enjoyed in variety of ways.