Sales & Delivery Announcement!!!!

     Autumn Olive Farms is proud to announce that these products and more are now available for purchase and delivery through Cavalier Produce. This greatly increases delivery availability and reach to underserved customers looking for the highest quality heritage pork that simply hasn't been available from distributors. Working with Autumn Olive Farms and Cavalier Produce represents a commitment to support local business as well as sustainable outdoor farming practices and ethics of animal treatment. Join us in being apart of industry leading innovation while working with both a local farm and local distributor. This is just the beginning and we are excited about the growth we can offer to our local region that is becoming increasingly renowned for its farming and culinary scene. Contact your Cavalier sales rep or use the information below to set up an account so we can get these products in your hands.

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Ossabaw(75%) Price List Page

These are 75% Ossabaw and 25% Berkshire hogs. The meat and fat has a nutty flavor from having been 2 year mast finished along with being born and raised outdoors on our Autumn Olive Farm Terroir. These are some of the highest quality animals we have to offer and the first time we can offer them in vacuum-packed sub-primal packaging.

This meat is a deep, rich red with excellent intramuscular fat, as well as remarkable hard fat and leaf fat. This is a hallmark of great Ossabaw Island pork that can't be found in modern genetics. 


Lardo-Grade Hard Fat


Hard Fat/ Back Fat




Whole Loin Rack


Loin Chop Duo


Loin Rack

Coming Soon

Boston Butt




Side Belly


Spare Ribs




Ground Pork


Leaf Lard (Kidney Fat)