Autumn Olive Farms maintains a significant herd of Ossabaw Island Hogs. These are displaced Spanish Iberico pigs via the Canary islands in the 1500's. They evolved in isolation off the coast of Georgia and are now a world class, American Heritage breed. 

Our hogs are raised outdoors in large spaces, an environment naturally fitting for the wildness, resilience, and sustainability of the breed. Although slower growing, the outdoor finished Ossabaw is loaded with vitamin D and nutrients only available to animals raised in actual sun light outdoors and allowed the great diversity of forages available in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

 Ossabaws are indeed unique with meat and fat loaded with fatty acids, omega 3's, unsaturated fat and oleic acid which is predominant in olives. The Ossabaw fat is so unsaturated that it nearly turns to liquid and melts at mere room temperature. 

 What that means to the buyers is that beyond the amazing health data the foraging Ossabaw meat, cured or fresh, is spectacular and firmly established in the debate regarding the finest pork to be had on this planet. We finish ours on the amazing Shenandoah Valley forages of acorns, hickory nuts, and walnuts. Add in the fruits of Autumn Olive and Wild Cherry which are predominate here and you should expect to have an amazing and uncompromising product. 

Based on terroir and genetics, an Autumn Olive Farms raised Ossabaw hog will be very competitive with it's Spanish or Italian equivalent.

Autumn Olive Farms Ossabaws are for those seeking perhaps the worlds absolute best Charcuterie pork. Writer Peter Kaminsky certainly came to that conclusion in his acclaimed book "Pig Perfect".